Changes to the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report

Good afternoon,

Every year I re-evaluate the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report’s format, content, and topics covered.  This year is no different, so effective January 2, 2022, the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report is now the Global Crisis Management Report. 

The reason for the name change is simple, I’ve always tried to include information from all over the world.  This is to ensure we remain informed on the events shaping our world.  This name change reflects that the Emergency Manager’s Weekly Report is a global source of information and that there are multiple crises affecting our world, some handled by emergency managers and others by diplomats, sustainability professionals and peacekeepers to name just a few. 


You’ll also notice a change in the logo.  In the center of the new logo is of course Earth, our collective home!  On the left side is a shield and in the middle of it is the proposed international flag of our planet.  This represents that only together as a united humanity can we protect our world.  On the right side is the United States symbol for emergency management, indicating that as the weekly report changes, we will never forget our roots.     

COVID-19 Pandemic Coverage in 2022

As in 2020 and 2021 I will not be posting any news articles on the COVID-19 Pandemic.  I will continue to only post information and resources from trusted and verified sources, such as professional associations, public health agencies and trusted professionals.  This is obviously the result of the level of disinformation that has circulated since the start of the pandemic.  I will also continue to create and publish the COVID-19 Situation Reports on a weekly basis.

As a reminder, any disinformation spread on the social media pages via the comments feature will be dealt with in accordance with the social media rules. 

Content Changes

No new topics will be added to the weekly edition; however, the Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency section has been elevated and will appear before all other news sections.  I’ve also made the Emerging Global Threats its own section, it will take the prior place of the Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency section.

Website and Social Media Pages

New Website

With the change in name, comes a new website.  Check it out at:

The website will still be used as the hub for the Global Crisis Management Report, it will have links to all the social media pages.  The weekly editions and situation reports will still be posted here, but instead of a static section to include these documents they will be posted via the page’s new blog feature. 

Social Media Pages

These pages will be separated and referred to as the primary and support pages.  The primary pages will continue to share news, situation reports, resources, and upcoming training opportunities daily.  The support pages will continue to be principally used to share the weekly edition, situation reports, job opportunities, pictures, and resources. 

These pages are:

Primary Pages:

Support Pages:

Facebook Group (Training)

Unfortunately, I had to close the Facebook Group dedicated to sharing webinars, training opportunities and conferences.  Facebook for some unknown reason kept declaring these posts spam and then freezing my account.  These opportunities will still be posted on the Twitter and Linkedin Pages though Monday thru Friday.

Facebook Group (Job Opportunities)  

Due to the same issues mentioned above I have had to cut back on the posting of training opportunities.  Going forward I will post a list of upcoming training opportunities for a given week. 


Thank you everyone who continues to visit the social media pages and shares its content.  I hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable 2022.


Steve Detwiler

Editor & Creator

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