FEMA Publishes Building Codes and Floodplain Management Regulations Video

When disaster strikes, many communities have hundreds, if not thousands, of structures to protect against future damage or restore to local building codes and standards. Following a major disaster declaration for flood, Section 1206 of the Disaster Recovery Reform Act authorizes FEMA to reimburse communities participating in the National Flood Insurance Program for the resources needed to effectively administer and enforce building codes and floodplain management regulations.

FEMA published a video for floodplain administrators, emergency managers, elected officials and other stakeholders in the recovery process with details about the Act’s Section 1206 for successful reimbursement of new eligible recovery activities through FEMA’s Public Assistance program.  These streamlined efforts for required post-disaster activities increase the overall speed of recovery and enhance compliance with local building codes and floodplain management ordinances.  

Reimbursements for eligible activities include:

  • Building Codes Administration: Reviewing and processing building permits, collecting fees, and hiring, training and supervising staff.
  • Code Enforcement: Conducting building inspections, reviewing elevation certificates and processing condemnation determinations.
  • Floodplain Management Regulation Administration and Enforcement: Hiring, training and supervising staff, reviewing applications for and issuing permits.
  • Substantial Damage Determinations: Conducting field survey inspections for substantial damage requirements, preparing cost information and tracking substantial damage.

The video narrates and follows Maria, a local floodplain administrator and her story following a devastating disaster in her community. Viewers learn key eligibility requirements for communities, type of work and costs eligible for reimbursement under the policy and how to seek funds for these new activities. 

For more information about Section 1206 of the Disaster Recovery Reform Act , visit  FEMA.gov For questions, contact your FEMA Regional Office or State National Flood Insurance Program Coordinator’s Office.

To watch the Disaster Recovery Reform Act Section 1206 video, visit FEMA’s YouTube.

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