FEMA seeks public feedback on the Wireless Emergency Alert System

FEMA is seeking public feedback on the upcoming national test of the Wireless Emergency Alert System (WEA) which is used to disseminate timely and effective warnings to people in situations of war, terrorist attack, natural disaster, or other hazards to public safety and wellbeing. FEMA is required to test the public alert and warning system every three years. The tests help FEMA assess WEA’s geographic reach, along with additional key parameters outlined in the IPAWS Modernization Act of 2015. FEMA and other WEA stakeholders, such as the Federal Communications Commission and congressional committees, use the test to enhance and expand WEA to further improve emergency alerting capabilities, leading to a better prepared and more resilient nation. FEMA implements a survey to capture key technical performance factors of WEA, such as geographic coverage and carrier-related issues and non-technical aspects essential to WEA’s role in national alerting, including alerting effectiveness in reaching diverse populations and traditionally underserved populations. The survey assesses public awareness of the WEA system. Comments must be submitted before Sept. 6. To learn more and submit feedback, visit Regulations.gov.

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