Emergency Management Showcase Initiative Webinar, Aug 31

3-4pm EST

Do you want to learn about the exciting and important initiatives in the emergency management space!? Then you should attend the Emergency Management Initiative Showcase webinar! Speakers from the organizations are sharing about what their mission is, how to learn more, and get involved.

Join via Microsoft Teams at: https://teams.microsoft.com/registration/lElmy5DR20aViJCWgI1F3g,wBZXxJcBBUSkZgpDxUTLoA,d1RO0OS1AkyuEHy4o8656g,nTXgbva4qE-j-4nc1o8MmQ,oAyc101YAEytU5QvvhdjzA,H5LppGe6Xk-pSlaNBpF_LA?mode=read&tenantId=cb664994-d190-46db-9588-9096808d45de&skipauthstrap=1

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