Journal of Emergency Management seeks papers on climate change and sustainability in emergency management by Dec. 31, 2022

The Journal of Emergency Management seeks papers for a special issue that will focus on the intersection of emergency management and climate change as well as the trend toward integrating new, leading-edge sustainability research and practice into pre-disaster planning and mitigation and post-disaster reconstruction. The special issue will be led by guest editor Professor Attila J. Hertelendy, Ph.D., MHA, MS, who has extensive experience as an emergency management and disaster medicine practitioner and an academic researcher with the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, Columbia University, Mailman School of Public Health. Dr. Hertelendy is joined by current Editor-in-Chief William L. Waugh, Jr., Ph.D., who will team up with a special group of peer reviewers focused on reviewing research and content as quickly as possible to disseminate real-time information to the field. Learn more.

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