Innovation & Technology: Building Community Webinar, Dec 7

7:00-8:00 PM EDT

Imagine a new city that leads with people by encouraging engagement and co-creation. Using innovation and technology, we can help develop a stronger, more involved community. 

Kristen Castell will lead our discussion and Q&A. She is a finance executive and entrepreneur, currently Impact Advisor, Telosa Community Foundation, innovation and technology community engagement group. She is also COO & Head of Product at Seeds Investor.

Our expert speakers include:

  • Nick Mastronardi – Founder & CEO, Polco, a firm providing community engagement and analytics solutions
  • Michelle Kobayashi – Senior VP of Innovation, Polco 
  • Kelly Corsette – Communications & Public Affairs director, City of Scottsdale, AZ
  • Brianna Bullentini – Chief Executive Officer, Women Of Dichotomy; a cultural movement and platform aimed toward elevating women in the Web3 space. 

To attend the webinar:

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