Hurricane Katrina’s long-term effects on New Orleans and the US Gulf Coast Webinar, Jan 24

3-4pm ET

Hurricane Katrina remains one of the most significant disasters of the 21st century, and spurred a flurry of research, media coverage, and policy changes. The hurricane caused 1,392 fatalities, displaced more than a million people, and resulted in more than $100 billion in damage, and substantial research documents the hurricane’s immediate effects on New Orleans and the United States’ Gulf Coast. In this seminar, panelists highlight the longer-term effects of Hurricane Katrina in the nearly two decades since 2005: the interaction of race and housing turnover in New Orleans; how the city has changed its approach to data democratization and accountability; and how the hurricane has left a legacy in national risk and resilience policy.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 878 6306 3601

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