The Future of Transportation Webinar, May 31

7:00-8:00 PM ET 

Carl Eppich will lead our discussion and Q&A as well as be one of our speakers. He is the Director, Municipal Planning Assistance Program for the State of Maine. Carl has over 25-years experience in the private, non-profit and government sectors. His focus is City and Regional Transportation planning.

Our other expert speakers include:

  • Marc Lore – Serial Entrepreneur; Founder & Chairman, Telosa Community Foundation; Founder, Chairman & CEO of Wonder Group, Wonder – a company disrupting the fine food industry; and former CEO,
  • Jeffrey DeCoux – Chairman & Autonomy Fellow, Autonomy Institute; a government, industry, academia & public alliance accelerating the “Path to Commerce” for intelligent and autonomous systems. He is also President & CEO, ATRIUS Industries Inc. – a company scaling intelligent and autonomous systems within cities.
  • Adam Goldstein – Founder & CEO, Archer Aviation – a company developing electrical vertical takeoff & landing aircraft focused on improving mobility in cities. Adam is a successful entrepreneur, having founded, led and sold Vettery Inc.

To attend the webinar, please click link below.

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