Peer reviewers sought for wildfire risk reduction toolkit

ARISE-US and Crowddoing are collaborating to create a free community wildfire risk reduction toolkit for U.S. and worldwide use that aims to combine in one place all the information needed for a community to understand, mitigate, adapt, respond to, and manage wildfire risk at the individual property, neighborhood and landscape scales. The initiative is a response to the fragmentation in the available information, and the uneven spread of valuable innovations that would reduce wildfire risk. The goal is to pull as much as possible into “one place” where communities can turn for advice and guidance. ARISE-US and Crowddoing are taking a holistic approach based on the UN DRR’s “Ten Essentials” of disaster resilience, addressing factors such as the financial architecture of wildfire risk reduction, which approaches to use in which circumstances, the role of nature-based methods in tandem with traditional approaches, how to achieve effective community engagement, and effective post-event planning (in advance!) alongside the traditional aspects of risk understanding, infrastructure and property protection, alarm systems and emergency response. They now seek expert emergency managers who wish to volunteer as collaborators and peer reviewers for the material in the Toolkit as it is produced, beginning with a Wildfire Risk Reduction scorecard which seeks to baseline a community’s current state of readiness. Reviewers contributions will be fully acknowledged. Anyone wishing to participate should contact Peter Williams of ARISE-US, at, Bobby Fishkin of Crowddoing at, or Claudia Brenner of Crowddoing at

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